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Phone: (804) 828-9629

Admissions e-mail:click here

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    • 4 years in length

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Admission Statistics 2015

  • Applications: 9,006 (1,139 VA residents, 7,867 nonresidents)
  • Matriculated: 216 (111 VA residents, 105 nonresidents)
    • Priority given to Virginia students – note: Canadian citizens are considered nonresidents

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Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • It is recommended and customary that a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institutioin be completed prior to enrollment.
  • Required Courses
    • English or writing intensive courses - 6 credits
    • College Mathematics - 6 credits
    • Biological Science - 8 semester hours, including lab
      • May be general biology, general zoology, or (no more than half) botany
    • General or Introductory Chemistry - 8 semester hours, including lab
      • A portion may be analytical or physical chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry - 8 semester hours, including lab
      • Biochemistry may count as half the required organic chemistry credits.
    • General or Introductory Physics - 8 semester hours, including lab
    • Upper level science course (1 semester)
  • Recommended Courses
    • Psychology
    • Sociology


  • Minimum accetable GPA: 3.3
  • Average science GPA of accepted applicants: 3.7


  • Average MCAT score in 2015: 30.56 (old MCAT)
    • Verbal Reasoning 9.74
    • Physical Sciences 10.64
    • Biological Science 10.18
  • Minimum requirement on new MCAT: 503
  • Average on new MCAT: 508
  • MCAT must be done within 3 years prior to application


  • Community/Volunteer Service
    • Average: 200 hours within last 4 years
  • Medical/Clinical Experiences

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Supporting Documents

  • Apply to AMCAS – click [ here]
  • Secondary Application form – sent via email

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  • Early May: AMCAS application available
  • Early June: AMCAS applications may be submitted
  • July-December: Select applicants invited to submit supplemental application materials
    • No Supplemental material will be offered after January 30
  • August-March: Select applicanted invited for interviews
  • September: Last acceptable MCAT score, up to three years prior to application
  • October 16: Offer date
  • December 16: Offer date
  • February 16: Offer date
  • March 16: Offer date
    • Within 2 weeks of acceptance: Must accept offer
  • April 30: deadline for non-fundable tuition deposit
  • Early August: White Coat Ceremony, Orientation, Classes Begin

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Tuition 2016-2017

  • In-state (residents) First Year Tuition - $29,793 USD
    • Total first year fees: $63,743 USD
  • Out-of-State (nonresidents, Canadians) First Year Tuition - $46,993 USD
    • Total: $81,568 USD

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For information on Financial Aid, click here