Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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1300 Morrise Park Avenue
Bronx, New York
10461 United States of America


Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Admissions e-mail:

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    • 4 years in length
    • For more information please click here
  • Joint programs are available. Descriptions can be found here
  • Related degrees are also offered and can be found by clicking here

The four year program can be broken down annually:

  • First and Second year: Pre-Clerkship Courses
  • Third Year: Sequence of clerkships
  • Fourth Year: One month Ambulatory Core Program; one month core sub-internship; one month selective sub-internship; one month clerkship in neurology; and a seven month elective period
  • All students must write a Scholarly Paper (SP) as a requirement for graduation

Admission statistics

  • Class of 2020
    • 8,328 applicants
      • Approximately 1000 applicants interviewed
    • 183 students were seleted
      • Average age of applicants was 23.2
      • 38% of the accepted applicants were from non-science major backgrounds

For more information, click here

Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • The committee of admissions uses a competency-based admissions process which compares the applicants on four competencies:
    • Co-curricular activities and relevant experiences
    • Communication skills
    • Personal and professional development
    • Knowledge
  • Degree: At least three years of study toward a baccalaureate degree
    • Required courses must be completed prior to matriculation
  • Required Courses
    • Chemistry/Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Minimum credit hours:
    • Science and Mathematics: 40 credit hours (including advanced biology)
    • Humanities and social sciences: 40 credit hours
    • Substantial experience in clinical, community, and/or research activities

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  • MCATs older than 2014 will not be considered (no later than three years prior to application)
  • MCAT examination must be taken no later than September preceding their first year of matriculation
  • Applicants applying for “early decision” must take the MCATs no later than June 30th and complete their application by August 15th

For more information, click here

Supporting Documents

  • Application through AMCAS
  • Secondary Application
    • Applicants will be sent a link to the Secondary Application once the receipt of the AMCAS application has been received
    • Secondary Application fee: $120.00
    • Upload a photo of yourself (125px by 160px) with the secondary application
    • If an international student, scan a copy of your passport to submit with the secondary application
  • Letters of recommendation may be one of the following choices:
    • letter of recommendation by the Pre-Professional Advisory committee from their college or university
    • Two letters of recommendation
      • One letter from a faculty member in the applicant’s major
      • A second letter from a different science faculty member
    • Applicants are encouraged to also submit 1 or 2 letters of recommendation with their AMCAS letter package from someone with whom they have worked closely (faculty, research mentors, volunteer directors, or employers)
  • For more information regarding recommendation letters, please click here

For more information, click here


  • Approximately 1000 applicants interviewed
  • Interviews are conducted on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.
  • Due to the amount of interviews being conducted, the wait time for an interview slot can reach two months.
  • The interview usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and is conducted by a clinician or scientist.
  • Sometimes, an interviewer and the applicant will not connect optimally and the applicant can request a second interview prior to leaving the medical building on the day of their first interview if they are dissatisfied.

For more information, click here

Timeline 2017-2018

  • Early Decision Application:
    • Application to AMCAS Deadline – August 1
    • Supporting document deadline – August 15
    • MCATS must be taken no later than July 14
    • Decision notification – October 1
  • Regular Decision Application:
    • Earliest date for submission of AMCAS application – June 1
    • Latest date for submission of AMCAS application – October 15
    • Latest date for submission of transcripts to AMCAS - November 1
    • Latest date for completion of application – December 31
    • Earliest date for letter of acceptance – February 1
    • Latest date for interview: April 27
    • Orientation: August 14
    • Classes commence: August 21
  • Request for deferred enrollment – On or before April 30

For more information, click here

Tuition 2017-2018

  • First-Year Tuition: $49,897
  • TOTAL: $58,259 (tuition, health insurance, lab and computer fees)

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For more information regarding Financial Aid, click here