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Harlem Phone: (212) 851-1199
Middleton Phone: (845) 648-1100
Admissions e-mail:

Program Information

  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) 4 years
  • Baccalaureate/DO 7 year

Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • Degree: a baccalaureate degree or higher at a recognized university
  • Required Courses
    • Biology with laboratory (8 credits)
    • Inorganic chemistry with laboratory (8 credits)
    • Organic chemistry with laboratory (8 credits)
    • Physics with laboratory (8 credits)
    • English (6 credits)
    • Math and/or Computer Science (4 credits)
    • Behavioral Sciences - i.e. psychology, sociology, or anthropology (6 credits)
  • A grade of B or better must be earned on pre-requisite courses

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  • Required cGPA: 3.0
  • Required Science GPA: 3.0
  • Mean: 3.57 (4.0 scale)

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  • Average MCAT score: 510.5/30.9

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Supporting Documents

  • American Association of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS)
  • Official transcripts from universities attended
  • TOUROCOM Supplemental Application
  • $200 application fee
  • Letters of recommendation from a pre-professional advisory committee, or two (2) science faculty. A letter from a physician familiar with the applicant's health must be submitted.
  • Accepted students must fulfill the immunization requirements found here

For more information, click here "Admission Process" and "Supplementary Materials"


  • Consists of a campus visit, presentation about the historical background of the college and a tour
  • Interviewing faculty will complete a scored form to evaluate the interviews
  • Applicants receive notification of their status within 6 weeks of the interview
  • Interviews are conducted from October through May


  • June 1st: Application opens on the opening date of AACOMAS
  • September - May: Interviews are held
  • April 1st: deadline for online AACOMAS application

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Tuition 2016-2017

  • $52,780 for both residents and non-residents

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