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733 North Broadway
Baltimore MD 21205-2196
United States of America


School of Medicine: 410-955-2196
Admissions Office: 410-955-3182
Registrar’s Offce: 410-955-3080
Registrar’s Office e-mail:

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    • 4 years in length
  • A joint MD/PhD program also exists which is 6 – 8 years in length
  • Individuals who have already completed studies in Medicine at a university are ineligible to apply.

For more information on joint programs, click here


  • Years 1 and 2
    • Genes to Society Curriculum (for more information, click here)
    • Longitudinal clerkships
    • Scholarly Concentrations chosen in year 1
  • Years 3 and 4
    • Clerkships both core and elective

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2018 Entering Class Admission Statistics

  • Acceptance Rate: 3.9%
  • Accepted students: 120
    • 63 men
    • 57 women
  • Average age: 23
  • States represented: 29
  • Other countries represented: 4
    • 6 Visa students
  • 13% obtained an advanced degree
  • Average GPA: 3.88
    • Range of 3.80-3.96
  • Average MCAT: 36
    • Range of 32-39

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Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • Degree: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in any field from an accredited university appearing on the Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education list, which is published by the American Council of Education
  • Required Courses (must obtain a grade of C or above)
    • College Biology with lab (one year/8 semester hours)
    • General College Chemistry with lab (one year/8 semester hours)
    • Organic Chemistry with lab (4 semester hours)
    • Biochemistry; lab not required (3/4 semester hours)
    • Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences (24 semester hours)
    • Calculus and/or Statistics (6-8 semester hours)
    • General College Physics with lab (one year/8 semester hours)
  • Recommended Courses
    • Computer Literacy (not necessarily a computer course, but good working knowledge of computers is recommended)
  • NOTE: AP and IB transfer credits are accepted but under special requirements.
  • Most applicants who have only studied outside the U.S. need to take a year or more of courses in an accredited American university.

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  • Average GPA 2018: 3.88
  • Range of GPA 2018: 3.80-3.96

For a summary of the median GPAs, click here


  • The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required for all applicants.
  • Average of 2018 entering class MCAT score: 36
  • MCAT must have been written within 4 years of expected matriculation
    • The MCAT must be taken no later than September of the year of application.
    • The earliest MCAT accepted for 2018 admission is MCAT 2014.
  • Results must be submitted by August of the application’s year of submission.

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Supporting Documents

  • American Medical College Applications Service (AMCAS) application form
  • The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine application (online) – also called the Secondary Application
    • This application can be completed once the applicant has received their AMCAS ID number.
  • Johns Hopkins Secondary Application printed out
    • The secondary application must be done online, but also printed and mailed to the University along with a 2”x2” picture postmarked by the application deadline.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • Committee Letter: a letter from the applicant’s university premedical committee member or premedical advisor; or
    • Letter packet: assembled and distributed by your institution; or
    • 2 letters are required from senior science faculty members who have taught the applicant, AND one letter from a non-science faculty member who has taught the applicant.
  • Candidates with advanced degrees or who work full time must provide a letter of recommendation from their education as well as their important work experiences.
  • Candidates who took Pass/Fail courses in the premedical course requirements (see Course and Degree Requirements section above) need a written statement from their professor that explains the candidate’s performance in those classes.
  • Outsider candidates (outside the U.S. and Canada) must provide official transcripts.

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Other Requirements

  • Candidates must be able to communicate in English (spoken and written).


  • After the interview, candidates selected into the program are notified between October 15 and April 15.
  • Annually, Hopkins' interviews between 750-800 applicants for a class of 120

Timeline 2017-2018

  • May 2017: AMCAS application (primary) can be accessed.
  • June 2017: AMCAS applications begin to be submitted to the university.
  • July 2017: Secondary applications become available to those selected.
  • October 15, 2017: deadline to submit AMCAS application
  • November 1, 2017: deadline to submit secondary applciation.
  • Late August 2017: interviews begin for selected candidates.
  • Mid-December 2017: first round of applicants accepted/rejected.
  • Late January 2018: second round of applicants accepted/rejected.
  • Late February 2018: interviews conclude.
  • Early April 2018: Final round of applicants accepted/rejected.
  • April 30, 2018: Deadline to reply to offer of acceptance.
  • August 2018: Orientation and Classes begin.

For more information on the MD program, click here

Tuition 2017-2018

  • Application fee: $75
  • AMCAS Application fee: $160
  • AMCAS Application fee for each additional school: $30
  • First year tuition Resident: $76,744
  • First year tuition Non-Resident: $76,744

For more information on tuition, click here