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The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142, New Zealand


Phone: +64 9 923 4888
Fax: +64 9 308 2380
Admissions e-mail:

Program Information

  • MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
    • 6 years in length (including the first year in the bachelor of health sciences or bachelor of science in biomedical sciences)
    • You need to apply first year from either bachelor of health sciences or bachelor of science in biomedical sciences; or apply as a graduate from another recognized university.
  • Each applicant only has two attempts at applying to this program.
  • The applicant is required to sit the Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) in the year of application; this excludes international graduate students.
  • Over 1000 applicants each year.
  • 25% of places in the program are reserved for graduates.

For more information about the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, please click here For more information on the various other related programs offered, please click here


  • First year: One 15 point course required by the General Education Schedule.
  • Second year: Required to complete one core course founded on the basic medical and health sciences.
  • Third year: Required to complete two core courses focused on medical humanities and human health and illness.
  • Fourth year: 35-42 weeks of the year spent in hospital and community based settings in a rotation of study in various disciplines.
  • Fifth year: Required to complete a 5-week elective as well as the opportunity to apply for the year long regional rural program.
  • Sixth year: Completion of an 8-week elective; as well as an opportunity to complete an 11-week research project.

For more information on the curriculum, please click here

Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

International Graduate Student:

  • International Applicants must have received a relevant bachelor’s degree on a full-time basis (e.g. Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, etc) from a recognized university in New Zealand or overseas.
  • The last full year of the applicants study cannot be more than five years prior to the time of application.

For more information if you are applying as an international graduate, please click here If applying from the first year of bachelor of health science or bachelor of science in biomedical sciences at the university of Auckland, please click here for specific information about the courses that are required for you to take.


  • Not specified for international applicants
  • Minimum at the level of B+ for domestic applicants (for reference)


  • The university uses the grade point equivalent scale in order to assess all applicants.
  • The applicant must have received a 6.0 GPE across their degree in order to be eligible for an interview.
  • If more than three years of full-time study were completed for the applicants degree, the best three years of full-time study will be taken into consideration.

For more information on how to use the GPE, please click here For more information on the academic requirements, please click here

Selection Process


  • Eligible applicants are ranked for interview consideration based on the GPE from the last two academic years of full-time study with each year being weighted equally.
  • Interviews will take place in late November and early December in Auckland only.
  • The interview process consists of 8 Multi-Mini Interview (MMI) stations, with one interviewer each from the Faculty of Science.
  • Each interview lasts 8 minutes: 2 minutes for preparation and 6 minutes for the conduction of the interview.
  • Applicants who are invited to an interview will be assessed on the personal attributes listed

here in ‘The Interview and selection process’ section.

Final Ranking Method

  • Last two year GPA: 50%
  • Interview 50%

For more information click here

Supporting Documents

  • International applicants should contact the international office at for specific documents
  • Formal application to the University of Auckland (what is required by the university)
  • Online application for the MBChB program
  • MH03/MH04 Health information forms available on the website
  • Final official transcripts from university attended

For more information click here and here


  • October 1, 2017 – Deadline for International applicants
  • Late November - Early December – Interviews for Medicine are held (all interviews held in Auckland)

For more information click here

Tuition 2018

  • International Students - NZ$ 42,606

For more information click here