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Website: http://md.tufts.edu/
Phone: 617-636-6571
Admissions e-mail: med-admissions@tufts.edu

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • 4 years in length
    • Joint programs are available. Descriptions can be found here

Admission statistics: Class of 2021

  • Total number of applicants: 11,029
  • Applicants interviewed: 926
  • Applicants Admitted: 539
  • Applicants Enrolled: 210
  • Class size for Traditional MD Program: 176
  • International students are eligible to apply

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Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • Degree: Minimum 3 years of undergraduate study
    • Strong preference given to applicants who will complete a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.
  • Required Courses:
    • Biology with lab (8 credits)
    • Chemistry with lab (8 credits)
    • Organic Chemistry with lab (8 credits)
    • Physics with lab (4 credits)
  • Recommended Courses
    • English – applicants must possess strong skills in English both spoken and written.
    • Math – calculus, statistics, and computer science.
  • For biology and physics, AP credit does not reduce required coursework

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  • Minimum: 3.50 (4.0 scale)
  • Mean GPA of 2017 Entering Class: 3.61
  • Mean Science GPA: 3.55

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Mean Scores 2017

  • Pre-2015 MCAT
    • Verbal Reasoning: 9
    • Physical Sciences: 10
    • Biological Sciences: 10
    • Total: 30
  • New MCAT
    • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems: 128
    • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: 127
    • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems: 128
    • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviour: 128
  • MCAT must have been written within 5 years of application deadline, and no later than the September one calendar year prior to enrolment.

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Supporting Documents

  • An American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) Application
  • Secondary Application
  • 3 letters of recommendation: sent as either hard-copy (via the U.S. Postal Service) or as PDF files (via the Virtual Evals system).
  • $125 Application fee

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  • Sep-March: TUSM interview season
  • Interviews are by invitation only
  • Personal interviews are conducted at the Boston campus, and consist of a full day of orientation

Timeline 2017-2018

  • June - November: TUSM receives applications from AMCAS
  • July - January: TUSM receives secondary applications and letters of Recommendation
  • July - March: Completed applications are reviewed
  • August 1: Deadline to complete Early Decision AMCAS application
  • August - March: TUSM sends invitations to interview
  • September 1: Deadline to complete Early Decision TUSM Secondary Application
  • September - March: TUSM Interview Season
  • October 1: TUSM notifies Early Decision applicants of application outcome
  • October - April: TUSM Admissions Committee admits selected applications
  • October - March: Applicants no longer being considered for admission receive letter of regret
  • November 1: Deadline to complete regular AMCAS application
  • January 15: Deadline to complete regular TUSM Secondary Application
  • March 31: All applicants have received either an invitation to interview or a letter of regret
  • April 30: Tuition deposit refund deadline
  • May - August: TUSM admits selected applicants from Wait List

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Tuition 2017-2018

  • First Year Tuition: $60,704
  • Total for First Year:
    • Off-campus: $90,212
    • Dorm: $87,938

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