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510 20th St S #12, Birmingham, AL 35233, USA



Main Phone: 205-975-8884

Admissions Phone 205-934-2433
Admissions Fax 205-934-8740

Admissions email:

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • 4 years in length
  • Only US citizens and Permanent Residents are considered for admission
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    • MD Programs: for more information, click here
  • For more information, click here


The four-year doctor of medicine program follows four distinct phases:

  • PHASE 1: Pre-Clerkship (18 months)
  • PHASE 2: Required Clerkship (12 months)
  • PHASE 3: Scholarly Activity (2 months)
  • PHASE 4: Pre-residency Experiences (10 months), including acting internships and electives

For more information, click here

Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • Degree: Minimum of 90 hours of undergraduate course credits from an accredited U.S. college or university (any discipline)
    • All required courses need to be completed before July 1st prior to matriculation
  • Required Courses
    • General Biology – 8 semester hours (Embryology and Genetics recommended)
    • Chemistry/Biochemistry/Organic chemistry with Lab – 8 semester hours
    • General Physics with lab – 8 semester hours
    • Mathematics/Biostatistics/Statistics – 6 semster hours
    • English – 6 semester hours
    • AP or CLEP credit to meet a minimum requirement, college hour or unit credit for a course must appear on the applicant’s transcript.

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  • For Alabama residents, no minimum GPA required for consideration
  • Out-of-state applicants must have a 3.4 or higher undergraduate, graduate, or post-baccalaureate grade point average to receive a secondary application invitation.
  • Must demonstrate solid knowledge of sciences and ability to handle a rigorous academic curriculum.
  • Minimum grade of “C” on all required course

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  • The admissions committee will look at both the old and new MCAT scores for consideration according to the minimum scores outlined below:
    • Old MCAT: 24
    • New MCAT: 495
  • Scores from the September 2017 MCAT dates are the latest that will be considered
  • A 2015 MCAT score is the earliest score considered for the 2018 entering class

For more information, click here

Supporting Documents

  • Primary Application (AMCAS), click here for more information on the online application which is due November 1st
  • Secondary Applications are requested from all verified AMCAS applicants who apply to the university beginning August 1st through November 1st. This is another web-based application that you are encouraged to complete as soon as possible, and must complete by the November 15th deadline.
  • A digital head and shoulders photograph (.JPG) uploaded to their website.
  • Letters of evaluation and recommendation
    • Sent through AMCAS Letter Writer Application, Interfolio, Mail, and VirtualEvals
    • Option 1: (Preferred) Committee Letter
      • Pre-health committee or pre-health advisor
    • Option 2: Letter packet
      • Packet or set of letters assembled and distributed by your institution, often by career center
    • Option 3: Three Individual letters
      • 2 letters from science faculty, one from other faculty or another individual who can provide an in-depth evaluation and recommendation
    • Personal Letters of Recommendation (Optional)
      • Must be sent to AMCAS
  • A non-refundable $100 application fee to be paid online or by cheque
  • If an interview is requested and completed, submit the campus preference electronically on secondary application
  • If requested, provide further documentation to demonstrate that you are a legal resident of Alabama.
    • All accepted applicants must submit an official final transcript containing all courses taken and with degrees posted by July 1st of the entering year.

For more information, click here For more information, click here


  • When: Select Thursdays from mid-September through mid-March
  • Sessions divided up into morning (beginning at 8am) and afternoon (beginning at 11am) sessions
  • Sent via email and include instructions for scheduling your interview
  • The interview day consists of:
    • Orientation to the day's activities
    • Multi-Mini interviews (MMI): 8-10 stations held in different rooms discussing different scenarios.
    • Traditional interviews: 25 min with one Admissions Committee member
    • Applicants meet with current medical students for lunch
    • Tour of educational and clinical facilities
    • Student Q&A
    • The interview day typically completed by 2pm for morning sessions and 5pm for afternoon sessions.

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Timeline 2017-2018

  • Early decision
    • AMCAS application deadline: August 1st
    • Secondary application deadline: August 15th
    • Secondary fee: $100
    • Interviews conducted in August or September
  • Regular
    • AMCAS application deadline: November 1st
    • Secondary application deadline: November 15th
    • Secondary fee: $100
  • Interviews begin being conducted from late August to mid-March
  • Last applicants to be invited for interview are notified by late February
  • Final committee decisions – by April 1st
  • New student orientation – last week July
  • Matriculation and classes begin immediately following orientation

For more information, click here

Tuition 2017-2018

  • In-state tuition for first year: $30,469
  • Out-of-state tuition for first year: $64,735

For more information click here

For more information regarding Financial Aid click here