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University Park
Jabberwock Beach Road
PO Box W1451
Antigua & Bermuda


Phone: +1 (888) 282-8633
Fax +1 (973) 498-7707

Program Information

  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) program
  • Approximately 4 and half years in length
  • Two years in Basic Sciences in Antigua and then two and half years in clinical rotations in United States, Canada, and India.
    • Basic Sciences is four semesters of classroom curriculum.
    • Clinical Rotations is about two years of hands-on clinical rotations at some of the finest hospitals in the United States, Canada and India.

Admission Requirements

Course and Degree Requirements

  • Applicant must have completed at least 90 credits of college work
  • It is highly recommended that the applicant completes their degree at an accredited undergraduate institution.
  • Required Courses
    • Biology + Labs (8 credits)
    • English (3 credits)
    • General Chemistry + Labs (8 credits)
    • Mathematics; either Calculus or Statistics (3 credits)
    • Organic Chemistry + Labs (8 credits)
    • Physics + Lab (4 credits)
    • It is recommended that applicants complete advanced science courses in biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, genetics, microbiology, etc.
    • IB and AP credits are acceptable only if those credits are part of the applicants university transcript.

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  • Minimum GPA is not specified
  • AUA looks beyond GPA calculations and test scores.

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Application Package/Documents

A complete application to the American University of Antigua includes the following:

  • Completed AUA College of Medicine application for admission form (Online)
  • A non-refundable fee of US $75, which can be payed here
  • A personal statement
    • Explaining why the applicant is pursuing a career in medicine and why they would be a potential asset to the American University of Antigua.
    • Must be typed with 1.5 line spacing, no less than one page and no more than two pages in length.
    • Must include the applicants full name.
  • Passport-size photo (click here for specifications)
  • All Official transcripts from each undergraduate, graduate, medical, and/or professional school the applicant has attended.
    • Must be mailed from the institution to the AUA New York office.
  • Two to three official letters of recommendations; these letters of recommendations must be on official letterhead and signed.
    • One letter must be from a non-science professor or employer, medical college, or other professional.
    • One letter must be from a science professor who has taught the applicant and is acquainted with the applicant’s academic abilities.
    • A pre-health committee letter will typically satisfy the requirements of both letters.
  • MCAT scores are not required for registration and are not considered for admission but must be submitted if the applicant is a US citizen, US national, or US permanent resident.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • TOEFL (109 or better) /IELTS (7.5 or better) if applicable
  • A criminal background check (CBC) prior to starting at the university.

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  • Conducted in the United States or via a webcam and Skype-enabled device.


  • Applicants can apply up to one year in advance of the term they plan to start
  • Admissions are made on a rolling basis and applications are continued to be accepted up until all the seats available have been filled up for that term.
  • Decisions are made about 3-4 weeks after the applicants interview has been conducted, given the application requirements have all been met.
  • Semesters begin in January, May and September of every year.

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Tuition 2017-2018

  • $18,950 USD/semester (Increases over time)
  • $37,900 USD/year (Increases over time)

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